Everyone has problems from time to time.  Most problems are managed and your life goes on as
usual.  Some problems, however, are more difficult.  You try everything you can think of, but the
problem remains, causing you unhappiness and other forms of distress.  You need help and you
can get that help through the services offered at Blais Psychological Care.

Several forms of therapy are offered, and are briefly outlined below.

Individual therapy can help you to ease your stress, feel better about yourself, and move forward
into a happier, more successful and satisfying life.

Couple therapy can help when the problem involves your spouse or partner.  Working with
Paulette, the two of you will learn to communicate more efficiently and in doing so create a more
fulfilling relationship.

Family therapy is offered when the problem affects more than one person in a family.  Family
members work together to encourage and support changes in each other that will lead to an
improved quality of life for all.  Being a family can feel good again!

Play therapy, a special form of individual counseling, is used with the younger child.  Children
often cannot talk about a problem but can express it and resolve it through play combined with the
skillful interventions of the therapist.

Supportive counseling is available for those who have a need for someone to talk to and receive
support and encouragement, as they go through difficult life circumstances such as a death,
divorce, separation, or overwhelming responsibilities at home or at work.  Special help may also be
needed when serious physical, emotional or mental illness strikes oneself or a family member.

If needed, arrangements may be made to receive services at home, in the hospital, or other
appropriate locations.

All sessions are strictly confidential.  Except when required by law, no information about your case
will be released to anyone without your permission.